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Give your child a headstart on learning fine motor skills! Our collection of brightly colored threading toys will teach your child hand-eye coordination and prepare them for school. Strengthen hand muscles and learn problem-solving skills at the same time! From 12 months to 8 years old and beyond, your child will love these cute, relaxing motor skills toys.

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Threading Toys for Growing Minds

By giving your child threading toys to play with, you are helping them strengthen their hands so that they can eventually develop key motor skills that will help them hold a pencil, throw a ball, zip their coat, tie their shoes, and so much more.

Motor skill toys also give them space to practice mindfulness. It’s hard for small children to focus sometimes, but with threading games, they can learn how to concentrate on one task at a time. 

Many adults consider sewing to be a relaxing activity—it seems children are no different. Teach your child how to “sew” with their threading game and you’ll be inadvertently teaching them a coping mechanism for stress!

HABA USA Understands Children

Children find joy in the simplest things. From pots and pans on the kitchen floor to cardboard boxes, chalk, and bubbles—nothing is too mundane to be a source of fun! At HABA USA, we strive to make toys that don’t lose sight of what it is that children truly want. They want the freedom to use their imagination. They want to learn and explore. They want to laugh! 

We take pride in our safe, high-quality toys, and we’re committed to providing parents with excellent customer service. Send us your questions! We’re here to serve you and your family. 

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