Developmental Toddler Toys

A world of discovery is waiting for your toddler! HABA’s learning toys for toddlers combine skill development with real engagement to create a great experience for your child. Our best-selling toddler toys are not your average playthings – they are fascinating and fun at the same time. Choose from puzzles, board games, block sets and much more.

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Explore Our Learning Toys for Toddlers

The early years are a time of exploration for children. That’s why HABA offers a wide variety of toys designed to entertain a toddler while developing their skills. Whether they are stacking blocks, playing a matching game or going for a walk with their baby doll, there is always something new to do. HABA toys help encourage social play, strengthen dexterity and motor skills, assist with color recognition and much more.

Going for a ride? Magnetic puzzles are just as much fun as travel games as they are in your own home. Kids can enjoy them for hours while they develop their problem-solving and motor skills.


HABA toys are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and safety, so you can shop with confidence. We have been delivering the best in play for over 86 years, from developmental baby and toddler toys to games and puzzles for school-age children. We believe in bringing families together through the gift of play.

New experiences, new skills, new wonders to discover – you’ll find them all in the HABA toddler toy collection.

Our Commitment

HABA has dedicated itself to making developmental toys fun while caring for the world around us. Our toys are designed to be durable, so they last for years, and are manufactured using environmentally sound practices. Our wooden toys are made from lumber harvested from sustainable forests and we play a role in the reforestation of local land.