Shape Sorters & Stacking Toys

Your child was born to build: build their skills, their imagination, and even their own creations. Let them be great with the help of our wooden stacking toys at HABA USA. Our sorting and stacking toys are perfect for building your child’s depth perception, balance, spatial awareness, and hand-eye coordination. They also foster dexterity, size sequencing skills, problem-solving abilities, and color recognition. The best part? These toys are sure to hold up for endless hours of playtime!

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Wooden Stacking Toys & More

At HABA USA, we have all of the wooden stacking toys your child needs to release their inner builder. Introduce them to hours of fun with our pegging games. These sorting and stacking toys make it easy to create endless designs or build tall towers. Likewise, we have stacking cubes that make excellent tools for building the tallest skyscraper in the world—or at least your living room. Your child will fall in love with the endless possibilities these toys create, and you’ll have fun watching them build their own world and enhance their creativity!

All of our stacking toys stand out for their unparalleled character, quality, content, and design. Advance playtime and your child’s mind with these toys today!

HABA USA: Your Premier Toy Store

At HABA USA, we’re a family-owned business that is honored to provide high-quality toys for children. Many of our products are made in Germany and have been recognized for their high quality. In addition, in our online store, you can easily find products with solvent-free paints, so you can have peace of mind during playtime! We also offer free returns, so getting a refund or exchange couldn’t be easier.

Help your child grow today with one-of-a-kind toys and games from HABA USA!