My Very First Games

The little one in your life is going through a stunning metamorphosis, and now, you’re ready to see them spread their butterfly wings and fly to a whole new level with their very first board game. At HABA USA, we’re here to help both you and them with our educational board games for toddlers. Developed by teachers and educators for 2-year-olds, our introductory games feature large wooden pieces that are easy to hold and easy-to-follow rules for unforgettably fun moments.

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Treat Them to Their First Board Game

Is your little one an avid adventurer? Take them on a journey to the top of the world with heroic rhinos and building games. Our games are excellent first board games for any toddler, as they include three elements designed to hone their fine motor skills, bolster their comprehension of numbers, and train their memory.

From sea creatures to honey bees, our educational board games for toddlers bring all of the world’s inhabitants to life. At the same time, these games enhance your child’s concentration and hand-eye coordination!

The HABA USA Difference

At HABA USA, specialize in high-quality educational children’s toys and games. As a family-run business, we are passionate about equipping parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and even godparents with the tools they need to help the young children in their lives to blossom on a mental, physical, and emotional level.

Note that all of our toddler board games encourage play that is age-appropriate. Plus, they’ll teach the little ones how to take turns and follow the rules while having a blast with their family and friends. Shop our selection today!