Whether you’re looking for something your children can play by themselves, or a new game for family game night, HABA has what you need. You’ll find a wide selection of board games, including magnetic puzzles, stacking, memory and matching and much more. There’s something here for children of all ages, all designed for fun competition and the kind of bonding only play can bring.

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More Than Just Fun

Along with being exciting and entertaining, board games can teach important lessons. Following the rules; taking turns; being a good sport, whether you win or lose; playing fair; even the ability to plan ahead – all of these can be learned from board game play.

Made from quality wood and sturdy cardboard, each HABA game uses fun as a bridge to learning. These high-quality classic games are designed to last, and if you should ever lose a game piece, getting a replacement is easy. Help the little ones in your life learn and grow with these children’s board games.

Our Commitment

At HABA, we are dedicated to bringing families together with fun and educational toys. Our award-winning board games are quick and easy to play and replay again and again. We offer both competitive and cooperative games, so you can choose your preferred style of play. Many games feature variations for solo play or to make the experience more challenging. All HABA items are rigorously tested to meet US and European Federal safety standards.

Join the HABA Family

Parents and children worldwide have discovered the joy of HABA toys and children’s board games. We make it easy to be a part of this world of fun.

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