Kullerbu Track System

Kullerbü takes the train sets you had as a kid to the next level. They’re durable, expandable, and endlessly fun to build and rebuild. They’re also designed to grow with your child, from ball track toys and dominoes that are easy to use for kids 2-3 years old to play tracks, cars, and accessories that allow children 3-5 years or older to create their own worlds.

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Track Toys for Learning Through Play

As kids build more complex play tracks, they’ll begin incorporating columns with height markers. Figuring out different track heights teaches problem-solving skills and helps children grow into little architects and engineers!

Using push and go momentum cars on these track toys helps kids learn about potential and kinetic energy, as they try to get their cars to the top of each hill on their own. Our Kullerbü line makes science class easier and much more fun for kids!

Making Kids' Eyes Light Up

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