A doll is the perfect gift for any child in your life. Whether you’re looking for a doll for a baby or toddler dolls, you’ll find that a cuddly companion can make a big difference for a little one. A doll not only provides comfort, it meets the need to nurture and makes a great introduction to pretend play. Get started making memories that will last a lifetime.

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Safe and Fun

All HABA dolls are made of cloth. Cloth makes the perfect doll for a baby because it has no extra pieces that can break off. Our dolls are designed to last and are rigorously tested to meet American and European Federal safety standards. Our Snug Up line is designed for cuddling, while our Soft line can share clothing and accessories with others of the same size.

Our dolls are machine washable, so they (and your child) can keep clean (please do not tumble dry). Your child is sure to love holding, hugging, and caring for their new friend.

Making Forever Friends

A doll is something to treasure for years to come. It’s a playtime friend for games and parties and make-believe adventures. It’s a traveling companion on trips, big and small. It’s someone to tuck in bed at night with a lullabye and wake up to in the morning.

A soft doll can mean smiles when times are happy and comfort when there are tears; their sweet, embroidered expression makes the day brighter. Whether it’s your baby cradling their first doll or your little one out for a walk with their toddler doll, you will never forget these precious moments.

Our Commitment

HABA is a family company that aspires to create toys, dolls, games and more that bring families together, that children will love, and that will help them grow. We love to see a child’s eyes light up for something special, so that’s why we make our toys extraordinary. Plus, they’re designed in Germany to be durable and long-lasting.