Baby's First Dolls

There’s something so special and timeless about your baby’s first doll. Our My First Baby Doll collection is full of adorable friends your little one won’t be able to put down. A baby’s first doll won’t just entertain them for hours - they’ll grow with them, becoming cuddly companions from infancy to their preschool years and even beyond, something that will always be cherished as “my first doll”.

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My First Baby Doll

Baby dolls are magical, bringing out the nurturing side of children and introducing them to the world of pretend play. With these HABA dolls, your child can find the perfect little friend to call “my first doll”, then spend hours acting out everyday scenes with their cuddly friend. There are plenty of baby dolls to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for your little one. You’ll love watching them play with, care for, and make sweet memories with their first baby doll.

Our dolls are machine washable, so they stay clean (please do not tumble dry).

More Than Play

Your baby’s first doll is much more than just something to snuggle. Dolls give children the chance to show caring and attention to something, develop communication skills, and even express themselves through roleplay. They can help nurture empathy, for example, when the child comforts their doll who is “sad.” Baby dolls are also a great introduction to pretend play, helping to spark the imagination of your child. 

All HABA toys are rigorously tested to meet US and European Federal safety standards.

Our Commitment

HABA has been making high-quality toys for kids for more than 86 years. We know the difference a toy can make in a child’s life – not only the skills they learn, but the memories they make. Our commitment is to create premium, educational children’s toys that help unlock kids’ creativity, curiosity and more.