Replacement Parts

Do you have a well–loved HABA item with a lost or broken part? We are happy to help you with replacement parts or pieces! We want your family to enjoy your purchase for years to come, which is why we offer a free Replacement Parts program! If you lose a part, we'll do our best to make your toy or game whole again – you'll just pay for shipping and handling.

Please email the following information to with the subject line “replacement part”:

  • Name of Product (required)
  • Product Number/SKU (optional)
  • Description of part(s) (required)
  • Photo of Toy/Game (required)
  • Origin of Purchase (i.e., Amazon, Retail store, gift etc)
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Please Note: We will do our best to make your HABA toy or game whole again, but not all parts may be replaceable, in stock, or available. *Please allow 1 week for the replacement part to ship.* 


Did we make a mistake? HABA is world-renowned for the quality of our toys and games. We stand by every toy we make and every shipment that goes out the door – but mistakes do happen! If you recently received a HABA item and it is incomplete or damaged, please reach out to with your order number (if available) with a photo and we will make things right!