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Your little one is hands down a natural-born adventurer, so why not give them the tools to take them from one expedition to the next? Fortunately, we’ve got you both covered at HABA USA, a premier provider of Terra Kids camping toys for kids as well as STEM learning toys. Our toys are designed to help your child to unleash their inner engineer, scientist, or outdoor lover in a fun, hands-on way. You can rest assured that a single moment with these toys will quickly foster their passion for the outdoors and STEM for a lifetime!

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Take Advantage of Camping Toys for Kids

Imagine watching your child look up at the star-studded sky in wonder—a frozen-in-time moment interrupted by none other than a shooting star. Make that awe-striking moment a reality for your little outdoor explorer by taking them camping with our HABA USA camping toys for kids in tow. From our Terra Kids Tent Lamp to our Terra Kids Scoop Net, we’ve got all you need to make their next camping adventure a success!

If your child is obsessed with science or math, we’ve also got just what you need with our animal- and technology-themed connectors, and even our field microscope!

Why Choose HABA USA?

At HABA USA, we operate based on the idea that kids are more important than anything else. For this reason, we work hard to create top-rated educational toys that will help your child, godson, niece, nephew, or grandchild to develop into the creative and imaginative person they were meant to be!

All of our toys and games are proven to offer long-lasting and open-ended play value. However, they are also excellent for promoting your child’s development, as we are huge proponents of learning through play.

See for yourself how our games and toys are connecting children, parents, and generations by purchasing your very own HABA USA toys!