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The 12 Best Outdoor Toys for Kids

Spring is just around the corner and as those daffodils begin to poke up out of the ground, it's time to poke your heads out the door and find more creative ways to play in your backyard and in nature. We've put together a list of some of our favorite outdoor toys - according to the experts (parents & kids!), to help your family explore, move and learn through play this spring and in every season!

All of our outdoor toys are made to be open-ended, extra durable, and able to withstand all kinds of weather and outdoor adventures. With the right tools and toys, we believe kids will fall in love with being outside and then work throughout their lives to protect nature. So get ready to investigate, get a little bit muddy, see their eyes light up, and experience the wonder of the natural world with our collection of kids outdoor toys.

Terra Kids Binoculars#1 • Terra Kids Binoculars

Age: 5+

Why parents like it: "Durable, safe, encourages them to explore!"

What the kids love about it: "The case is cool because it can connect to my pants, and I like having something to help me see far just like my Dad!"

#2 • Terra Kids Glider

Terra Kids 22" Maxi Hand Glider

Age: 6+

Why parents like it: "It keeps them busy for longer than 10 minutes, it's durable and a great price!"

What the kids love about it: "This thing looks like a real plane and goes super fast. And it also does really cool loops and dips." 

#3 • Spilling Funnel XXL

Spilling Funnel XXL Sand and Water Mixing ToyAge: 3+

Why parents like it: "This sand toy is so unique! This one helps them learn trial and error, encourages creativity and won't break (or break the bank!)" 

What the kids love about it: "Who wouldn't want to be able to write messages in the sand!"

Terra Kids Beaker Magnifier#4 • Terra Kids Beaker Magnifier

Age: 5+

Why parents like it: "Finally, something my kids can use to catch bugs besides my household Tupperware or mason jars!"

What the kids love about it: "The magnifying glass makes the bugs look SO BIG!"

#5 • Terra Kids Scoop Net

Terra Kids Scoop Net with Adjustable HandleAge: 5+

Why parents like it: "Durable, telescoping handle. Helps them explore without getting too dirty!"

What the kids love about it: "This thing helps us catch the COOLEST insects AND also reach things in the water!"

#6 • Sand Bucket Scooter

Sand Bucket Scooter 4 Piece Nesting Beach Toy SetAge: 2+

Why parents like it: "Versatile, durable, easy to store"

What the kids love about it: "Fun for digging, sifting and moving around tons of sand and water on the beach for sand castle building!"

Terra Kids Cork Boat DIY Activity Kit#7 • Terra Kids Cork Boat

Age: 6+

Why parents like it: "Keeps my kids busy, this project was a great way to get them off their screens and excited to play in nature!" 

What the kids love about it: "We got to make our very own boat that REALLY floats and that's SO cool!"

#8 • Red Building Shovel

Red Building ShovelAge: 18 months+

Why parents like it: "Strong, this thing won't break, and the bright red makes it easy to spot on the beach when it's time to clean up!"

What the kids love about it: "The big scoop helps me dig SOOO much sand!"

#9 • Sand Glove Dinosaur

Dinosaur Sand GloveAge: 3+

Why parents like it: "What's not to love about a dino skull that attaches to your hand? My kids love this thing - it's hands down the most popular toy in the sand box!" 

What the kids love about it: "Burying this and then digging it up over and over is SO cool! I also like to make it talk!"

#10 • Ice Cream Sand Set

5 Piece Ice Cream Sand Toys SetAge: 3+

Why parents like it: "These are toys you can also actually use in the kitchen for real food. Because of this I know they're safe. Plus they can be easily washed in dishwasher"

What the kids love about it: "We love using this set for our pretend ice cream stand. Sometimes Mom even lets us use real ice cream in them!"

Terra Kids Block and Tackle#11 • Terra Kids Block and Tackle

Age: 6+

Why parents like it: "It's such a basic mechanism that can teach kids so much! It's often the most plain-looking toys that kids find the most entertainment in. This set is the absolute most accurate definition of learning through play!"

What the kids love about it: "We love hooking it up to our treehouse and using the pulley to bring things up and down. It's cool to have our own rope and clips to do whatever we want with too!"

#12 • Terra Kids Connectors

Terra Kids Connectors 86 Piece Starter SetAge: 8+

Why parents like it: "We've never seen any kind of toy like this - it's so open-ended and creative! I do need to assist my kids quite a bit with this, but I'm impressed with their creativity and ingenuity with this set. Plus it has made our nature hikes a lot more interesting (and productive!)

What the kids love about it: "We love being able to make robots and stuff out of sticks and wood using this set! My Mom and Dad helped me make the COOLEST invention! I can't wait to make more! We love going into the woods and finding things to use. It's fun to think all we have to do is go outside for the piece I need instead of having to buy more materials!"

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